3 Reasons you’re not reaching your goals

You go to the gym every day and do your best to eat healthy, but you still don’t look the way you want – could one of these the reason?

Not setting a goal in the first place

Why do you train every day?  What are you working towards?  You need  to have a goal to reach a goal.  For some, the self-esteem boost they get or satisfaction from having worked out at all is enough.  For most people, having a specific, definable and measurable goal will keep you motivated and training hard.  Consider setting short-tern small goals and bigger ones that are longer-term.  As an example:

Short term: Reduce bodyfat by 5% in 1 month

Long term: Compete in a bikini show in February, 2016



You’re training hard, but not eating right

Just because you did a pull-up today doesn’t mean you should go eat an entire large pizza!  Working hard and eating right go hand in hand.  They’re each 50% of the equation.  Do you want 50% of the results?

If you’re the type that eats out a lot, try having a meal prep day like Sunday.  Grill some meat, cook rice or sweet potatoes and put it all in tupperware to take with you to work throughout the week.  That way you can the avoid rationalizing junk food because you’re hungry and don’t have anything on hand.


Your workouts are too easy for you now

Sure you were sore for the first couple of weeks – but now that you’ve adapted, things have gotten easier.  You’re still using the same weight for most exercises, and going through the motions during your workouts.  This is a fatal mistake and one of the main reasons that people in the gym look the same year round.  I preach this to all of my clients:  ADD 5 lbs!  Nobody just walked in the gym one day having never worked out before and deadlifted 500lbs.  They worked up to it.  Add a little bit to the cup every day and soon it will be full.



Need some help getting back on track?  Send me an email and i’ll help you plan out your goals, free of charge.

3 ways to supercharge your workout

Getting bored with your routine? Is your intensity in the gym lacking? If you find yourself refreshing your Facebook feed between sets and thinking about what’s going on later, you owe it to yourself to check out these 3 easy ways to get your focus back in the gym.


1.  Super Sets

A  “Superset” is when you combine two exercises in to one set, and is sure to amp your workout up, leave you breathless and leave your muscles exhausted.  Supersets are also great because they severely cut down on the amount of time you spend in the gym.  If you want to get a ton of sets in, but don’t have hours, combine some of them in to supersets and cut your time in the gym in half.

Either do two opposite muscle groups in a superset (i.e. chest and back), or you can do the same muscle in two different ways (bench press and dumbbell flyes).  For instance:

Bench press 8 reps

Barbell Row 8 reps

Go immediately from the first exercise to the second one, and then rest.  Repeat 3 or 4 more times.


2.  Drop Sets

Drop sets are killer.  In a drop set, you start out at a heavy weight and do as many reps as you can, strip some off and do as many as you can, rinse and repeat until the bar is empty.  Depending on how much weight you’re using, the drops can be large or small.  If you’re doing shoulder presses with 200 lbs, you’ll drop 50 lbs at a time.  If you’re using 65lbs, you’ll have to drop by 5lbs every time.

Do a drop set to finish up a muscle at the end of your workout.  Don’t worry about stealing all the 10’s, you’ll only be a minute!


3.  Change your tempo


If you’re not used to counting how much time you spend on each rep, give it some thought during your next workout.  The most effective way to train a muscle is to use a slow eccentric and explosive concentric movement.  This means that, for instance with the bench press, you lower the bar slowly (over the course of 2-3 FULL seconds) and explode and press as fast as you can to the top.  When the weight is heavy or you are fatigued, the bar will not appear to move quickly, but you will be pushing as fast you can with that weight.


Need a few more tips?

Send me an email and let’s get to talking!  Even if you don’t live in San Diego, I do online personal training on the cheap!  I’m a college student, and I understand the struggle.


5 ways to get over the “plateau” effect

If you’ve been training for more than a few months, you understand that results initially come quickly and then taper off the more “fit” you get. It can be frustrating to be putting in work and not getting anywhere. Here are some ways to overcome the “plateau” effect.


1)  Change your routine  (small)

This one is super simple.  If you’re doing what you’ve always done, you’re gonna get what you’ve always got!  The easiest and most straightforward way to get over the hump is to change what you’re doing.  This is true for fat loss goals, muscle building and gaining strength.  It could be something as simple as switching from barbells to dumbbells, switching up which exercise you do first, or adding in a few extra sets.  Maybe you’ve been getting comfortable using the same weight for a long time?  Try adding 5 pounds to your lifts and see what happens!


2)  Change your goal

Did you want to lose 20 pounds initially, did it, and now you’re at the same weight you’ve been at?  Maybe now that you’ve leaned out a little bit, it’s time to add some muscle.  Eat a bit more and tone down the cardio.  If you’ve gained the size you want, you can now cut the calorie intake (don’t forget to keep protein intake high) and ramp up the cardio!


3)  Change your routine (big)

Instead of making little tweaks to your program, how about trying something new?  Hit up some CrossFit workouts, or if that’s already your style, make the switch to bodybuilding style training.  Doing each muscle group once per week?  Try twice.  Try doing three full-body workouts per week instead of 5 workouts focusing on different body parts.


4)  Change your diet

You’d be surprised, but a lot of people who are focusing on weight loss actually aren’t eating enough to lose the weight they want.  It’s a strange phenomenon, but when you’re triggering “famine” responses in your biology (isn’t evolution great?), you can actually halt your fat loss all together.  If you are trying to gain muscle, and you’re not getting any bigger, it’s plain and simple that you’re not eating enough!  You can also try testosterone boosters and creatine to help get the ball rolling in the right direction.


5)  Get a trainer

No, i’m not doing this to toot my own horn or anything, but having someone to be accountable to can really help make you push.  If your trainer expects you to hit certain weights in the gym or other goals, you’ll feel more obligated to do them if you have a coach!  A trainer can also help you understand how far you can really push yourself.  Just having someone there watching you can even make you work harder.  Personally, I have a much harder time pushing myself when training alone, and always like to have a training partner.


In conclusion, these are just a few ideas to help you gain some momentum with your fitness.  If you have any questions about where to go from here, send me an email at and let’s talk!